What Is SportsCarver?

mobile gameMobile Game

We design and build professional quality sports-themed games for iPhone and Android to drive fan engagement.

fan vs fan gamesFan Vs Fans

The gameplay is centred around real sporting events. Fans play against rival fans in the days leading up to a real fixture with each gamer adding to their team’s accumulated score.

native mobile game advertsTargeted Sponsorship

We provide the complete infrastructure enabling sponsor brands and logos to be displayed to gamers based on targeted segmentation of the fans.

native mobile game advertising

“The mobile experience fans enjoy and the brand experience sponsors want.”


Engage Fans

  • Fans compete against rival fans in real-time
  • Team choices and gameplay based around actual fixtures
  • Fans become active participants

Immersive Brands

  • Create a seamless and non-disruptive experience by integrating the brand into gameplay
  • Brand recall greatly improved when more closely associated with the game experience

Targeted Adverts

  • Dynamically update brand images and target fans based on time, location, audience
  • Update the gameplay throughout the season to correspond with each upcoming fixture

“Brands need to connect with fans in the moment, not take them out of it”

Case Study

32,000 Installs, 1,695,200 Viewable Ad Impressions

“GPA Hurling is the first fan-based fixture game where your score determines the winner.” 

SportsCarver premium_ads4


“Our technology partnership with Zoodazzle
(SportsCarver) is opening up exciting opportunities
for the association within the digital sport sector...”
(GPA CEO, Dessie Farrell)

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